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are coming to India


Welcome to Olympia Publishers India. We are an independent book publisher based in London, UK.

We are pleased to announce that we are opening our very own office in the heart of Mumbai – the capital of new ideas and creativity in India. Stay updated through our Facebook page.


The most Fateful Betrayal

Laxmi Yogesh

The Most Fateful Betrayal deals with religious conversions, the role of politics and bureaucracy, the naxalism and the sweet and eternal love in the changing Indian society and culture.

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A Freezing Night In Geneva: Unforgettable Experiences

Ajay Adala

The author tells us of his many challenges and adventures on a study trip to Switzerland - his trials, tribulations and solutions he finds for all.

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Dr. Moosani

Dr. Moosani is a professionally registered and qualified Behaviourist, Certified Homoeopath, Colour Therapist, Doctor of Alternative and Natural Medicine, Doctor of Naturopathy, General Counsellor, Life Management Coach, Master of Reiki Healing, Psychologist, and Psychotherapist.

He hopes to use this book to share his knowledge with the world, and help and support each of his gentle readers to improve their individual lives by releasing their inner royal, and awakening the monarch within.


An Unemployed Autobiography

Krishna Chaitanya Dharmana

Krishna decided to commit suicide on his prolonged unemployment and poverty.

Before his death, he wanted to visit the biggest Hindu temple, where surprisingly he meets with an old English Muslim man inside, who bets and wins against the boy.

Krishna reveals his story to the old man with the emotions carried in a traditional home of love and the unemployed memories. Krishna connects to the old man's philosophy and the mysterious pouch hanging to his shoulder leading to a glowing soul like never before.

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