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Toils Unsung

Dr Shambhu Sharan Shrivastava

A Tale of Two Worlds

M Srinivasa Sarma

A Creative Killer

Zillur Rahman Shuvro

The Dark Moon

Zillur Rahman Shuvro


Trishna Damodar

Trishna Damodar is a romantic at heart. She enjoys travelling and exploring new places. She also has a love for dance and music. Her previous books, Mind & Heart Speak Words Volume I and II, were poetry books. The verses speak of emotions, experiences and circumstances that she encountered in her life, during a span of time. Trishna is also passionate about the hospitality industry. The day she can help people around her in a small way through her words is the day she will believe she has achieved her goal as a writer.


The Modhumoti Flows Quietly

Rudrendra Prasad Ghosh


Dr A Moosani

Life Behind the Bars

Virendra Vaishnav


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