An Unemployed Autobiography

Krishna Chaitanya Dharmana

Krishna decided to commit suicide on his prolonged unemployment and poverty. Before his death, he wanted to visit the biggest Hindu temple, where surprisingly he meets with an old English Muslim man inside, who bets and wins against the boy. Krishna reveals his story to the old man with the emotions carried in a traditional home of love and the unemployed memories. Krishna connects to the old mans philosophy and the mysterious pouch hanging to his shoulder leading to a glowing soul like never before.


ISBN : 9781848977976    |    Published : 29 June 2017      Pages : 81


Published 29 June 2017

Krishna Chaitanya Dharmana

D K Chaitanya is a debut author. The Unemployed Autobiography, his first novel, is a semi autobiography blended with a few fictional aspects. After spending most of his time in a small village in the coastal area of Andhra Pradesh, India, he moved to Hyderabad. He is an engineering graduate currently working in a prominent multinational company as a software engineer.