Bag Exchange

Trishna Damodar

Tia had her whole life ahead of her, yet she felt lost. She was surrounded by people who loved her but she was still struggling with the aspect of loving herself. As she got ready to leave for Delhi, her body shivered. Would she collapse? Would she reach Delhi safely? How would she manage without her mother, Anita? The stream of questions kept flooding her brain. Sameer loved the chat he had had with dreamy girl. He felt light after their interaction and even though he did not know exactly who she was, he was pleasantly surprised at how a stranger could make such a powerful impact on him. He brushed thoughts of her aside, reminding himself that he was wasting time thinking about a woman, and these kinds of emotions would just make him weak. Will the paths of these two strangers intertwine? Will Tia be able to find herself again? And will Sameer ever realise how truly beautiful women are?


ISBN : 9781848977259    |    Published : 25 August 2016      Pages : 185


Published 05 September 2016

Trishna Damodar

Trishna Damodar is a romantic at heart. She enjoys travelling and exploring new places. She also has a love for dance and music. Her previous books, Mind & Heart Speak Words Volume I and II, were poetry books. The verses speak of emotions, experiences and circumstances that she encountered in her life, during a span of time. Trishna is also passionate about the hospitality industry. The day she can help people around her in a small way through her words is the day she will believe she has achieved her goal as a writer.