Bali Farm Adventures


Vicky, her sisters Pam, Rachael, and their dog Elsa enjoy living on Bali farm with their family. Sunbathed lawns, sugarcane fields, and mango orchards surround their home where there is never a dull moment as they discover giant eggs, unfold the mystery of the night intruder, or an encounter with the cobra. Together they save birds, animals, people, and face challenges with wild animals that visit their farm. Fascinating experiences for inquisitive young readers who love animals and adventure.


ISBN : 978-1-78830-343-9    |    Published : 28 May 2020      Pages : 40


Published 28 May 2020


Vichitraa grew up on a farm near the foothills of the Himalayas, which kindled a lifelong love of family, farming, nature and animals. A human resource professional and avid storyteller, Vichitraa is widely travelled and lives in China. Her love for children motivated her to start a home school for kindergarten kids. Narrating stories from her childhood days of living on the farm inspired her to create picture books for children. She continues to share the joys of country life and the values of love, friendship and family with young children around the world.