Embers the Beginning and Embers the End of Mirpur

Kulvir Gupta

"The dream-like childhood was snatched away with a rude jolt. The inhabitants of the town had to flee under uninterrupted showers of bullets, leaving behind the dear ones struck with the deadly fireballs or captured and slaughtered by the invaders." Kulvir Gupta begins his narrative in 1946 at the age of five, living in Mirpur, a prosperous town in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Life was good for this young boy with Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs living together as traders, tillers and craftsmen in perfect harmony. Until he and his family were driven out by the life-changing violence that engulfed them. His recount of the tragic details of their journey, incarceration and the brutal murder of his father is traumatic. This is a story of hunger, disease, deprivation and death. But it is also a story of bravery and hope and how Kulvir, a true survivor, rebuilt his life in the aftermath. A gripping and inspiring autobiography, giving a shocking personal insight into the partition of India and Pakistan.


ISBN : 978-1-78830-167-1    |    Published : 30 August 2018      Pages : 156


Published 30 August 2018

Kulvir Gupta

Dr. Kulvir Gupta was a resident of Mirpur, one of the major towns of the sovereign state of Jammu & Kashmir, which ceased to exist after 25.11.1947. He is a Dental Surgeon who, after having served the ‘Army Dental Corps' for a period of ten years, set up private practice at Jammu and is still an active practitioner in his seventy-sixth year. He has groomed his daughters to take over the professional responsibilities in order to spare him for writing his biography, a story of his personal experiences tinged with the historic events of the period, a dream project of his. The narrative of his personal experiences reflects his concern for the future of the human race.