Legends of Destiny: Hell Bound

Leo Mohan

Rukmini has the heart of a girl and mind of a boy. Beset by violent, bloody dreams, she finds real life restrictive. On Rukminis twenty first birthday she meets a man who tells her he loves her, then disappears. When Rukmini applies for a job with UNITED Inc, her hobby list (kung fu, yoga, swimming, and beginners certificate in shooting) raises eyebrows and gets her a job offer, but what is the job? A savage murderer strikes and Rukmini must solve the case; can she solve it using all of her skills and talents?


ISBN : 9781788300506    |    Published : 01 January 1970      Pages : 181


Published 01 January 1970

Leo Mohan

My name is Mohan, a high school introvert teen. I like to play videogames and to write memos. I always like to keep diaries. I like Mexican music and am also a huge fan Justin Bieber and of Batman and sci-fi movies, but I am still a student of 12th standard of high school. I also love football and Messi.