Live, Love and Laugh Amidst Darkness

Archita Sinha

Arshi's friend and colleague, Rahul, a cheerful and charismatic man, hopes for a closer relationship with her. But Arshi still secretly loved her childhood fascination, Rishabh. His handsome persona, bright eyes and warm smile relayed through her mind whenever she closed her eyes. As any other adolescent girl growing up in India, Arshi witnessed and questioned many shades of darkness spread around her. The incorrigible darkness sometimes intimidated her in the form of stalkers and at times mocked her as dowry and choice of marriage over education. When her close friend, Sameera, is molested, Arshi becomes more determined to fight the despicable darkness to help her friend live respectfully at her own terms in Indian society. Arshi finds a way to illustrate the message for women, but will she be able to help her friend restore her faith back in life or must women continue to live within the Darkness? Will life be caring enough to give Arshi a second chance to rejoice the snugness of Rishabh' s arms and comfort of his caress?


ISBN : 978-1-78830-231-9    |    Published : 30 August 2018      Pages : 271


Published 30 August 2018

Archita Sinha

The author has completed her MBA from the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, India, and has built a successful career in the IT industry over a period of fifteen years. As any other teenager growing up in India, she has come across many societal darknesses which finally motivated her to pen down her thoughts in the form of a fictional book to spread the social message that any conflict is first fought and resolved at a mental level. Her compassion and respect for people who stand up for a social cause is reflected as various characters in her book.