Shivas Trident

R Rudrappan

Mani, a small time house broker in South India, finds out rather painfully he has stepped into a zone exclusively ruled by a local gang lord, a ruthless individual with good political backing. Beaten and broken, Mani soon becomes one among a battalion of stooges, touts and pimps the gang lord has inducted into his growing fold. The threat to his little family is the driving force to perform. Fearing for their safety, his wife eventually leaves him, taking with her their daughter. After witnessing a bloody heist that leaves a little girl with near fatal wounds, he sets into motion a slow process of transformation, of rediscovering his lost self and choosing willingly to become, if not the hand, then a weapon of God. To become the Shivas trident.


ISBN : 9781848977945    |    Published : 23 February 2017      Pages : 228


Published 23 February 2017

R Rudrappan

Rudrappan hails from Salem, a part of which, along with the districts of Erode and Coimbatore, formed Kongu Nadu, the seat of Sangam periods Cheran dynasty of present day Tamil Nadu in South India.

All the characters of this book are from this region and written with an intention to make the region more popular.

Although trained as an engineer, and working and living in Dubai, the author finds solace in writing about this region purely as an endeavour to put this place in its rightful niche in the world map of culture and history.