Neichu Mayer

A whole new adventure begins when a little boy finds out that his family are going to move. His new home is far away in Nepal. Sitapaila is the most magical place he could ever imagine. He meets new friends and comes across many different types of animals. Ducks, fishes, chickens, cows, even a monkey make Sitapaila a really fun place to live. Even Inle the cat is excited! The little boy will always remember a place that is far way, but still his home.


ISBN : 978-1-78830-623-2    |    Published : 28 May 2020      Pages : 25


Published 28 May 2020

Neichu Mayer

Trained in development and humanitarian work, the author is passionate about cross-cultural learning and embracing diversity. She is fascinated by the interaction between children and animals, and their ability to imagine the good side of life under any circumstances. She believes that everyone needs a small dose of childlike curiosity, animal-like adaptability and joy in little things, every day.