The Missing Monkey

Joseph Mathew

The Monkey at the Ding Dong Circus is missing. Joshi and a team of school children start an investigation about this strange case of the missing monkey. They suspect a quack who sells monkey malt tonic is behind the kidnap. A professor who does research on monkeys also comes under doubt. Who is the real thief? Follow Joshis adventures as he tries to discover the fate of The Missing Monkey. A childrens novel full of suspense and action from India.


ISBN : 781848977457    |    Published : 26 June 2017      Pages : 62


Published 26 June 2017

Joseph Mathew

Joseph Mathew is a journalist and has worked as the news bureau chief in New Delhi, India. He has an M.A in English Language and Literature. He taught Journalism in various Universities and was a member of Senate of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala. He was an advisory panel member of Central Board of Film Certification, New Delhi and Kerala State Institute for Childrens Literature. He was a journalism research fellow of KK Birla foundation New Delhi and lives in Cochin. He writes in English and Malayalam and wrote, The Avenge from Aymanam, the first ever (1997) literary criticism of The God of small things.