The Other Side of Olive Green

Savita Singh

The Other Side of Olive Green is a fascinating collection of short stories describing life in the Indian Army. In addition to tales of tragedy and heroism under fire, there are stories about the day to day lives of soldiers serving in the army. Savita Singh tells these stories from the perspectives of both the army officers and their long-suffering wives. Whilst the husbands carry out the everyday duties of defending their country, their wives have to cope with the pressures of army life. Regularly moving home, often to remote locations with cramped and difficult living conditions, whilst at the same time raising their children. This wonderful collection of stories, covers a full range of situations and emotions describing the horrors of being under fire, the difficulties of being an army wife and the camaraderie and humour that army life brings.


ISBN : 9781848977334    |    Published : 25 August 2016      Pages : 311


Published 25 August 2016