Dr A Moosani

THE ROYAL is a majestic book about becoming almost like a royal soul during these turbulent and uncertain times. The book is an euphoric and regal journey into the A to Z world of royalty, including a forty day individual improvement powerful program from rags to royalty total transformation. THE ROYAL is a magnum opus read, one of its kind and a reminder about awakening the monarch within. The book is a royal connoisseurs utter delight.


ISBN : 9781848977006    |    Published : 01 December 2016      Pages : 313


Published 01 December 2016

Dr A Moosani

Dr. Moosani is a professionally registered and qualified Behaviourist, Certified Homoeopath, Colour Therapist, Doctor of Alternative and Natural Medicine, Doctor of Naturopathy, General Counsellor, Life Management Coach, Master of Reiki Healing, Psychologist, and Psychotherapist. He hopes to use this book to share his knowledge with the world, and help and support each of his gentle readers to improve their individual lives by releasing their inner royal, and awakening the monarch within.