The Girl With The Red Lipstick

Rakshita Govindaraju

The stains of tobacco and the pungent scent don't choke me anymore. I know where I am and yet I feel trapped. Sharing a bed with men I've never seen before is a routine now. The scars on my skin scream of pain and yet I smile with an attempt to please him. Even though I do it every day, it scares me every single time. With each time a part of me breaks. And there she stands, making my life even more miserable. That expensive red lipstick and a joint between her lips. All I know is, that I'm not afraid of the pain. But I do fear that I will get used to this someday. Is there a way out? Is someone listening?


ISBN : 978-1-78830-257-9    |    Published : 25 October 2018      Pages : 180


Published 25 October 2018

Rakshita Govindaraju

Even though the people around me have referred to me with the most bizarre names, almost convincing me that they are correct, my name is Rakshitha Govindaraju. Being the only one who has always been late to almost every class all my life, I have mastered the art of making up stories. Being the troublesome kid in the family added to my skills as I have been caught very few times and hope to find a circle that will applaud me for the same someday. Eventually, I began to find happiness in writing them down.

Words have always been my weapon. To win the argument with my college lecturer, to get the last slice of cake and to make it appear like romance is my forte.

I had decided that I wanted to write even before I knew it could become a way of making a livelihood.

Join me on my journey. Come, be a part of the strangely entertaining world I take you to. I look forward to painting pictures in your head with my words.