The Mocha Trail

Sanskriti Sanghi

Mochaland is a place like no other. Inhabited by elves with a strong spirit of belonging and pride for their homeland, their lives depend on coffee beans. Everything they eat or drink has a coffee flavour to it! In this inspiring set of stories about them, the Mochas are confronted with some tough challenges. Will Scaredy overcome his fear of the dark? Will Sleepy ever save the day? Can Buttercup adjust to her new school with an extraordinary teacher? Will Greedy seize the unexpected chance to make up for the errors of his past? Will two former enemies join hands for a team sporting contest? In each of these stories about their everyday lives, the elves of Mochaland demonstrate a vast range of skills and great personal attributes, revealing to us that their quirky and wonderful world is not really that different from ours. So, if you thought that coffee could only keep you wide awake, now's the time to think again, because you're sure getting pulled into a magical dreamland!


ISBN : 978-1-78830-705-5    |    Published : 29 October 2020      Pages : 81


Published 29 October 2020

Sanskriti Sanghi

Sanskriti Sanghi is a lawyer, who recently graduated with First Class Honours from the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, where she was reading for her LL.M. (Master of Law). She graduated from the Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar, India in 2019 with First Class Honours. For her, her world of imagination has been her escape away from the complex and the mundane, the black letter and the abstract. According to her, it is children's fiction that has spurred her imagination from when she was five and is her world away from this world, even today, to keep her adult heart alive. This collection of short stories marks her debut as a published author in children's fiction.