The Most Fateful Betrayal

Laxmi Yogesh

The Most Fateful Betrayal deals with religious conversions, the role of politics and bureaucracy, the naxalism and the sweet and eternal love in the changing Indian society and culture. There is conflict between Dr Thomas Fernandez, a Christian missionary, and Magan Diwakar, a minister of the Hindu right wing party, on the issues of propagation of religion. Diwaker makes complaints against Doctor Fernandez and his organisation and takes out prosecutions against its activities. An officer, Vikrant, goes to the Sacred Mission to make enquiries and meets Yasmin. A young and beautiful lady working there. There is mutual attraction. The enquiry indicts Doctor Thomas and his mission. It becomes a weapon in the hands of Magan Diwakar to do away with Dr Thomas Fernandez, his son and his companions in the mission.


ISBN : 9781848979796    |    Published : 26 October 2017      Pages : 507


Published 26 October 2017

Laxmi Yogesh

Laxmi Solanki is presently working in the Co-operative Bank in Rajasthan, India, she had a brilliant academic record
in primary and higher education, including an MBA. She has co-authored many works with Dr Yogesh Kumar
Pathak in Hindi and in English. Laxmi is sensitive towards helping people facing problems in her surroundings.

Dr Yogesh Kumar Pathak is working as Senior State Officer in the state of Rajasthan. He had a first class academic
record with primary education at the village school and higher education at Aligarth, U.P. India. He has a PhD in
International Studies from JNU and has co-authored many works in Hindi and English with Laxmi.