This Way

Ignatius Soreng

How can a world of seemingly infinite complexity be captured in verse? The poet Ignatius Soreng offers one approach in this startling, vivid and elusive collection of poems. Now rhyming with a deceptive simplicity, now building free-verse lines of surprising originality and strangeness, Soreng's response to modernity edits out neither its horror nor its exhilarations. If he is a poet who does not shrink from the battlefield and the rubbish-tip, he is also willing and able to sense the remaining, if damaged, traces of calm and beauty in sky, mountain, forest and river. In this way a verse practice emerges which transcends the banality and ugliness of the materials out of which it is constructed. Informed by Indian experience and poetics, Soreng is also schooled in the work of the European masters. Readers who venture into his extraordinary world will find it hard to forget.


ISBN : 978-1-78830-176-3    |    Published : 25 October 2018      Pages : 95


Published 25 October 2018

Ignatius Soreng

Ignatius Soreng, born in 1952, comes from a lowly tribal group in Odisha, India. A Catholic priest by profession in the Society of the Divine Word, he has been serving in the mission for over thirty years. He has been in the field of education for nineteen years, and currently is the Director of the Sanskruti Kendra: Tribal Cultural and Research Centre, Sundargarh, Odisha, India. He holds a Ph.D. in Odiya, and a Masters' in Odiya and English literature. Being active in the field of literature and music, he has several books, booklets, audio and video albums to his credit on spiritual, social and inspirational themes. His literary and musical creations span five languages - English, Hindi, Odiya, Sadri and Khadia.