You two, watch yourself. The times ahead will be puzzling. You two, as a couple, will go through eight incidents, you will have a problem and you will have a solution. In the path of difficulties, only patience will show you light. Only perseverance will guide you. Dinah Caldéron de Caixeta does not believe in love until she meets Ash dos Santos de Freitas and, after a problematic courtship, follows him to Latvia to cement their relationship. During their time there, they discover an ancient box deep inside a cave, which cannot be opened. While pregnant with their third child, she has a visit from a mysterious, unearthly stranger who gives her warnings and a book. What do the stories in the book have to do with her? Then Vida is born, and the troubles begin...


ISBN : 978-1-78830-226-5    |    Published : 28 March 2019      Pages : 260


Published 28 March 2019


A phoenix murders itself to stay immortal. It is not because it wants to die, but, it wants to start a new time. But, even before its death and post rebirth, a phoenix is the same. Although Ashutosh and 1811 are both the same, the reformation is main. From being light, to becoming a laser. From being a prey, to being a predator. Blood and the veins are the same flavour, but the thoughts manifested and the old ones are rested, the new ones make a difference which is greater.