A Tale of Two Worlds

M Srinivasa Sarma

The Hindu divine characters come from Indralok to our world and discover a new world at twenty light years via ETI. The new world of peace has no racism, terrorism or religious fanaticism. The discovery of a particle moving at a velocity faster than light by the outer world enabled the travel to and fro between the two worlds. The conflict of castes, religions and races of our world, often taking violent forms, are presented in an absorbing and scintillating narrative via the characters of a rustic family, wherein the divine characters set right our world and returned to their abode. The Hindu mythological tales intervening in the main plot keep the reader absorbed. The Yogic mysteries of the Himalayas add to the suspense.


ISBN : 9781848978782    |    Published : 22 February 2018      Pages : 333


Published 22 February 2018

M Srinivasa Sarma

Dr M Srinivasa Sarma was born into a Brahmin family of agriculture and horticulture before the independence of India. He lived in the tiny village of Thatiparthipalem, Nellore Dt., a village of thatched houses, muddy walls, paddy fields all around. He grew up running along the grassy banking of the fields, played with unlettered boys, wandered in pastures of grazing cows and buffalos. Swam and bathed in the feeder canals to fields, had no formal schooling until he was twelve years of age.

He wrote a book Sanskrit Telugu poetry, 3000 poems, entitled Sri Venkateswara Kalyana Charitham that was published. Maddipati Srinivasa Sarma obtained a Ph. D in Mathematics from IIT, Madras and worked as a scientist at the Indian Space Research Organisation.