Fools Dream

R Rudrappan

This story, set in the nineties, is about two individuals, Vasantha, a temperamental young woman, trying to come to grips with the world after annulment, and Sakthivel, a deserter, artist and social worker all rolled into one, whom she chances upon during a visit to an artists village in Madras or what is now Chennai, who then goes on to become her friend, philosopher and lover. Being the youngest one from an orthodox family of four, Vasantha, influenced by the free spirit that Sakthivel is, struggles to break free from the fetters of typical middle class conformity that she feels are as outmoded as her overbearing father is.


ISBN : 9781848979444    |    Published : 30 November 2017      Pages : 343


Published 30 November 2017

R Rudrappan

Rudrappan hails from Salem, a part of which, along with the districts of Erode and Coimbatore, formed Kongu Nadu, the seat of Sangam periods Cheran dynasty of present day Tamil Nadu in South India.

All the characters of this book are from this region and written with an intention to make the region more popular.

Although trained as an engineer, and working and living in Dubai, the author finds solace in writing about this region purely as an endeavour to put this place in its rightful niche in the world map of culture and history.