The Dark Moon

Zillur Rahman Shuvro

Whats an honourable King to do when he fears his Queen is barren? When a mysterious bird can prophesize about him with a human voice, yet only a Black Magician, one with the power to turn reality into fantasy, seems to know whats going on?


ISBN : 9781848977495    |    Published : 25 August 2016      Pages : 194


Published 25 August 2016

Zillur Rahman Shuvro

Zillur Rahman Shuvro was born on 10th October, 1964 in a backward village, under Naogaon district to the north of Bangladesh. He is the fourth among five brothers and one sister. He grew up in that village.

Shuvro completed Secondary School from Gayeshpur Bilateral High School and Higher Secondary from Naogaon Govt. University College. Later on he graduated from Dhaka University. His father was a farmer and died in the liberation period, 1971. His mother was an ordinary housewife and she has also passed away. At present he is working as a senior officer at BDBL Bank.