Toils Unsung

Dr Shambhu Sharan Shrivastava

Toils Unsung gives the reader a fascinating insight into the world of a senior medical educationist in northern India. This is a social and professional memoir. Although the important contradictions in the medical teaching and its organization in the country is dealt with thoroughly, the book also explores its interconnections with social and psychological life of medicos. It renders insights into the Indian society from the adolescent psychology to marriages, to religious and ascetic devotions, to corruptions and even to romantic and erotic life in some medical campuses. Toils Unsung is an immensely experienced, perceptive and vivid guide to a world which is replete with unsuspected vitality and complexity. Everyone who reads the book will come away with a fuller, richer and sharper appreciation of the Indian nation and of the people who inhabit it.


ISBN : 9781788300254    |    Published : 26 April 2018      Pages : 379


Published 26 April 2018

Dr Shambhu Sharan Shrivastava

A medical professional from 1960, Dr. Shrivastava was inducted quite early into the medical education in a reputed medical college. He worked with sincerity and conscience as Professor, Principal and Dean. His main love was undergraduate and postgraduate medical teaching. He was awarded plenty of brickbats and bouquets in his endeavours to contain horrendous incidences of group rivalries in the campus. Thankfully, he succeeded in managing both university and institutional affairs with ingenuity. He visited Norway, Switzerland and the U.K. to study the quality control of drugs in reputed pharmaceuticals like Roche, Sandoz etc. Later, his love for teaching medicine induced him to accept professorial assignments in other medical institutions. He is an avid lover of music and tennis. His crusade against political and social misdemeanours has won him more friends than foes insocial media.